What To Expect When You Visit On a Sunday

Don't worry. You're welcome! Visitors and guests are welcome to visit our congregation at every worship service. We offer a dual platform - either in person or via zoom.

Accessibility: Congregations often have space for wheelchairs, canes, and walkers; many have assistive listening devices as well as large print and Braille hymnals. Because not all of our congregations are fully accessible, please call ahead to make sure your they can meet your needs.

Children’s and Youth Programs: Children and youth are welcome to attend the entire Sunday service, or to participate in age-specific programming. Currently, with the pandemic, we are not offering programming for children. In January 2022, we will have programming during worship for young children. Contact the congregation to learn more about the options they offer.

What to wear: As you prepare for the visit, wear what you please. At UUR, you'll see people in skirts and neckties but also in shorts and jeans.

Arriving: When you enter, you'll be greeted by a volunteer usher who will take down your name (for COVID contact in case of outbreak), ask you to sign our guest book, and answer any of your questions. We currently are limiting seating in the Sanctuary so everyone can find a place that feels safe and comfortable.

Introductions: Some congregations invite visitors to stand and introduce themselves so that people in the congregation will know to say hello. Participation is always optional!

Singing and Reading: You’ll often find a hymnal—a book of songs and readings for worship—in the seats. The order of service will tell you when we sing. Usually, so will the speaker ("Please rise, as you are able, for the first hymn, number 123"). If there's a reading the congregation will say together, you'll be told where it's printed out. Currently, we are asking congregants to hum songs while the choir (wearing special singing masks) sings the words.

Social Hour: Currently there is no social hour in person. On zoom, people enter break out rooms to say hello and converse. During non-pandemic times, following the service, there is often a casual gathering where members and visitors can get to know one another (often known as “social hour” or “coffee hour.”) This can be an excellent time for newcomers to make connections and learn more about the congregation and Unitarian Universalism in an informal atmosphere.