Board of Trustees

Annie Kiermaier


Annie Kiermaier has been a member of UUR since 1993. She will always be grateful to this community for holding her relationship with her beloved Lucie Bauer, including a life-affirming commitment ceremony in 1996. Annie lives with her wife Lucie in Rockport. They have two adult children, Ethan and Katelyn. Annie is semi-retired as a practitioner, supervisor, and trainer for the Theraplay Institute. She is an avid hiker. She also enjoys gardening, knitting, sewing, reading, and social justice work.

Krista Meinersmann


Krista has been part of a UU congregation since 1980 when she moved from her home state of Delaware to South Carolina. Krista moved to Maine in 2009 and began sporadically attending First Universalist with her son and his family since at the time, she was living in the Portland/Gorham area. Krista became more engaged when she moved to Warren and even more so when she retired. Krista lives on the St. George River and enjoys swimming and paddling whenever she can. Krista loves being outside as much as possible and aims to take a walk every day. 

Penny Dunning

Diann Henderson

I have been a member of UUR since 2012 after moving back here (a Camden native) in 2011 to be near my son Aaron, daughter-in -law Colleen and grandsons Ian and Julian. I attended the UU church in Bangor in the early 70’s when my children were young wanting them to have an open concept of the word church. I retired from middle school math/science and have been having a great time ever since volunteering in a variety of ways, hiking, nature studies and as much traveling as possible. I live in Camden with my partner Tony Wilson and our cat Clara.

Keith Davie


"Keith has been attending UUR since 2008, and he and his wife Nicki were married there in 2012. They spend as much time as they can aboard their sailboat, Sionna, exploring the coves and islands of the eastern US as far as the Florida Keys, so far. He enjoys sailing, boat maintenance, carpentry, music, gardening, and contemplation of life’s mysteries, and sings with several local choral ensembles when possible."

Jillian Bedell


Jillian has been in the orbit of Unitarian Universalism since college, and is happy to have found her UU home here in Midcoast Maine, where she has put down roots. Jillian is a writer and mother, a hotel concierge, a bookseller, and always on the lookout for wonder and delight. Her spiritual interests include Jungian symbolism, Medieval Christian mysticism, Catholic social justice, Eastern philosophy, and witchcraft. She is most at peace when swimming, reading, dancing, laughing, thinking, and singing with her daughters. 

Peter Proeller