Board of Trustees

Krista Meinersmann


Krista has been part of a UU congregation since 1980 when she moved from her home state of Delaware to South Carolina. Krista moved to Maine in 2009 and began sporadically attending First Universalist with her son and his family since at the time, she was living in the Portland/Gorham area. Krista became more engaged when she moved to Warren and even more so when she retired. Krista lives on the St. George River and enjoys swimming and paddling whenever she can. Krista loves being outside as much as possible and aims to take a walk every day. She is looking forward to the year of being President.

Judy Powers

Past President

Judy has been a member of UUR since 1984. Although they lived and worked elsewhere on the east coast as of 2005, Judy and her wife always returned to their former home in Rockport each year. Joyfully, they have “come home to stay,” recently retiring to a new home they built on their same laneway. Professionally, Judy worked for years in education, ranging from public school elementary, to Hurricane Island Outward Bound to Montessori. She served two terms in the Maine House of Representatives and was Director of Mid Coast Children’s Services. She has served on canvass committees and occasionally helped with RE at UUR.

Annie Kiermaier

President Elect

Annie Kiermaier has been a member of UUR since 1993. She will always be grateful to this community for holding her relationship with her beloved Lucie Bauer, including a life-affirming commitment ceremony in 1996. Annie lives with her wife Lucie in Rockport. They have two adult children, Ethan and Katelyn. Annie is semi-retired as a practitioner, supervisor, and trainer for the Theraplay Institute. She is an avid hiker. She also enjoys gardening, knitting, sewing, reading, and social justice work.

Louise Cadwgan


Louise and her husband Dick moved to Rockport in 2007, Louise has been gardening ever since! Volunteer work keeps her connected to the community. They feel so fortunate to have found a beautiful place to live in their retirement years.

Kathleen Hylen

Keith Davie


"Keith has been attending UUR since 2008, and he and his wife Nicki were married there in 2012. They spend as much time as they can aboard their sailboat, Sionna, exploring the coves and islands of the eastern US as far as the Florida Keys, so far. He enjoys sailing, boat maintenance, carpentry, music, gardening, and contemplation of life’s mysteries, and sings with several local choral ensembles when possible."

Zac Cornish


Zac is a former attorney making his way through the mid coast Maine experience. He has been volunteering with the children's program since 2016. He firmly believes the challenges we constantly face in life are the opportunities we need to learn new skills.