Caring & Belonging

Caring & Belonging Ministries

At First Universalist Church in Rockland, we have several ministries that focus on taking care of others and helping people feel connected.

Pastoral Care Associates

Pastoral Care Associates work closely with the minister to attend to pastoral needs of our members. This might include hospital visits, phone calls to shut-ins, sending cards when a member is struggling. If you know of a member who is struggling, if you hear someone is in the hospital or if there is a death, please notify the minister or ask that person to reach out to the minister (

Caring Network

The Caring Network’s mission is to ensure that we have a caring community who respond to specific short-term needs of congregants. These needs may be meal deliveries while dealing with a medical issue; pet walking or garden clean-up during recovery. The network is made up of all congregants, and we send out requests for help in our weekly e-news once the needs are determined. If you have a need, contact Mary or Catherine at:


The Membership team works with the minister to welcome people into the church on the pathway to membership. This includes providing an orientation session for people interested in joining, and organizing the membership ceremony and signing the membership book. Anyone interested in joining this team can contact the minister or the membership chair, at

Hospitality Teams

When people are ready to get involved in church life, they can request to be placed on a Hospitality Team. Just about every member and many friends serve on a team. Teams are assigned 5 Sundays during the year where they provide hospitality on Sunday morning. Their responsibilities are to provide finger foods and make coffee and tea for the hour following worship. This includes set up and clean up. They also assign people to act as greeters. This is a great way to meet other people in the church. Not on a team, contact the office ( or membership (

Art Wall

Greeting all as they enter the Sanctuary is the Art Wall. This wall is reserved to exhibit art or displays by congregants and friends that inspires and supports the mission of this church. People often are surprised to see the talent that many members have. This is a wonderful way to connect to others. If you have something you would like to display, contact the church office (, and they will put you in touch with the Art Wall Coordinator.

Tonian Circle

The Tonian Circle is the First Universalist Church’s oldest women’s group. Its purpose is to foster friendship and understanding between the older and newer women of church, and to expand their definitions of what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. The Tonian Circle was formed in 1934 as a prayer circle in support of Polly Schofield, whose husband died in a fire and whose child died a short time later. The circle met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Toner (hence the name).

The Tonians meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 12 noon to 2 p.m., bringing individual lunches, socializing and then having a presentation on a topic that they wish to learn more about. The Tonians have been generous in supporting individuals in the church, especially youth who are pursuing educational endeavors. They also support the church with an annual pledge. When a member of the church dies, their family can ask the Tonian Circle if they can offer Tonian Tea at the memorial. To join, contact Audrey Moody, treasurer.

Tonian Tea at a Memorial Service

Coffee hour preparation

A new exhibit on the Art Wall

Team Tigers collecting the offering (note tiger ears)