Stewardship Ministries

Taking care of our church so it can continue to be a liberal religious presence in the midcoast area means ensuring we are sustainable.  Keeping our grounds and building in good shape, having sufficient funds now and in the future to support staff, programming, worship, and our physical structures is critical.   Here are ways you can help.

Buildings & Grounds

The maintenance of our property is essential - keeping it a sacred and safe place for all who worship and meet there.  Do you have an interest in maintenance, repair and energy efficiency? This team is responsible for ensuring that problems related to the physical plant are dealt with, and recommending ways to make the property more energy efficient.   We also have a team that oversees the maintenance of the grounds, and are happy to enlist weeders, rakers and pruners.  


In keeping in line with our 7th principle of caring for our Earth, we do recycle.  Volunteers collect recyclable materials to take to the Transfer Station. 


Each year over the winter, a team puts together a canvas campaign.  Members and friends are asked to make pledges to meet our budget goal that sustains the work of the church.   Our 2024 stewardship drive is happening.  Click here for a paper copy of the form or here to complete your pledge online. 

Finance & Investments

This team meets quarterly with the church’s investment advisor to ensure that our investments are being managed well and in keeping with our UUR values.  The endowment and investment funds help support the annual budget.  


Throughout the year, various members organize different fundraisers to support the annual budget.  Fundraising events also provide a way for people to work and socialize together.  Some fundraising events have included:  Goods & Services Auction (biannually); Book Sale; Plant Sale; Yard Sale.   Passive fundraisers include:  Hannaford Gift Cards, Fresh Off the Farm Gift Cards and  CLYNK bottle redemption (supporting youth services).