Faith Formation

Faith Formation Ministries

Learning about Unitarian Universalism and how you can embrace this faith is a lifelong venture. Here are some ways you can learn more about this faith and your own spiritual journey.

Religious Exploration for Children and Youth

One of the best ways to learn about Unitarian Universalism is to volunteer to work with our children and youth in RE programs. There are many ways to become involved, including: assist or teach on Sunday morning; assist or teach on Zoom; be a mentor for Coming of Age; share a craft or read a story; become a facilitator for Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education. Talk to Carney McRae, Director or Religious Exploration ( to discuss ways you can use your talents. Explore, grow and learn with the children! Volunteers who work directly with our children and youth are screened as part of our Safe Congregation policy.

Religious Exploration Committee

This committee works with the Director of Religious Exploration (DRE) to help plan, create, and support opportunities for our children and youth. Current members are: Susan Oliver, Lindsay Powers and Julie Rogers.

Adult Spiritual Development Opportunities

The DRE and minister create a plan each year of opportunities for adults to explore the UU Faith, social justice issues, and reflect on their own spiritual development. Book discussions, small group ministry, classes on specific topics, and movies followed by discussion have been used in the past. Congregants have assisted, acting as facilitators or guiding an entire program. If you are interested in helping work with adults, set up a meeting with the minister to discuss ways you can use your skills and talents.


Over the years we have amassed a respectable collection of books for our library. Religion and philosophy, social justice, parenting, sexuality education, death and dying and a large juvenile book collection are here for people to use. If you like to catalog, sort, read and organize, this might be a great place to offer some time and learn more about Unitarian Universalism. Audrey Moody is our church librarian.


We maintain historical records from our long history here in midcoast Maine. Our current archivists are Andrea Greenwood and Mark Harris. We are slowly trying to digitize records. If you like learning about history, check out our archives and see how you can help.