First Visit

What To Expect When You Visit On a Sunday

Discover what UUR is all about, Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. Guests are always welcome to attend weekly services.

What to Wear: The dress code is Maine casual at our congregation. But go ahead and wear your Sunday best if you’re feeling fancy.

Parking: Please park your car in the lot behind the church on Court Street, or across Broadway in the MacDougal Park lot. You also can park on Gay Street. Handicap parking spaces are available in the back lot. You also can drive up to the front to let people out. If they need assistance, come into the building and ask for help.

Arriving: Around the corner and up the stairs, you will be greeted by a volunteer usher, who will offer a program of service and a hanger for your coat. Enter the sanctuary and find a spot to enjoy the service.

Scent-Free Seating: Is located in the back of the sanctuary.

Listen, Sing, Participate, Knit: Visitors are invited to experience the service in whatever way feels comfortable. You will find our words of affirmation, hymn numbers, and weekly happenings in the order of service. If you know the tune and love to sing, sing out. If knitting or another handicraft helps you to listen, bring your yarn and needles. At UUR you are always welcome to be your authentic self, to get the most out of the sermon, readings, and community.

Children and Youth Programs: During the beginning of the worship service there is A Time For All Ages, when the children of our congregation are invited up to listen to a story. There is childcare for babies and toddlers and religious exploration for older children during service. Find out more about RE here.

Social Hour: Join us downstairs after the service for coffee, snacks, and fellowship. It’s a great opportunity to meet church members and other guests and get acquainted with the friendly culture of our congregation. There is a simultaneous gathering in the Robbins Rm. library on the main level, for those who prefer a quieter setting.

Family Friendly: Families are welcome and encouraged to get involved. We have fidgets and other items for children who are in the Sanctuary and need something to help them be still and listen. Wiggles and giggles are wonderful, however if a child needs a break, we have listening devices that caregivers can use outside of the sanctuary. We have a family-friendly bathroom with a changing table outside the sanctuary.

Accessibility: We are handicap-accessible. There is a lift that will take you to all three levels of the church building. We have a hearing loop system in the Sanctuary you can use if your hearing aids are equipped with that feature. We also have listening devices to help amplify sound. Large print hymnals are available. Ask an usher for assistance with any of these tools to help you enjoy your experience.

We hope to see you some Sunday soon!