Pathway to Membership

As a first step, visitors are encouraged to attend worship services and sign up for our weekly e-newsletter so that they receive information about events and ways to participate in our church community. Parents and guardians with children are encouraged to contact our Director of Religious Exploration and register for youth programming.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of the First Universalist Church in Rockland is invited to attend a Pathway to Membership class that occurs twice per year. This class provides an opportunity to learn more about Unitarian Universalism, to learn about the First Universalist Church in Rockland in particular, and to understand better the privileges and responsibilities of church membership. Participants will be given materials to read and watch in advance of the class. The class meeting is a chance to get to know other new faces in our community, ask questions, discuss theology and spirituality, and be welcomed by our minister and membership committee members. Those who decide to join the church then sign our membership book and make a pledging commitment to support the church financially. A New Member Ceremony is incorporated into a Sunday service following each class, when the entire community welcomes new members with enthusiasm.

The moment of joining the church is an exciting and important one, but the next steps are important as well. We want to connect new members to the people, groups and forms of service that resonate with them, and provide a spiritual home that is both stimulating and comforting. Members are eligible to vote in our annual meeting and are eligible to serve in leadership roles within the church. For any questions about the membership process, or to express interest in a future Pathway to Membership class, please contact the chair of the Membership Committee (