Building Rental

We consider our space to be a community building.

Rooms and grounds are available upon request for rental.

Please review the Building Use Agreements here and fill out the form below to make a request. We'll follow-up with you as soon as we're able to after receiving it.

First Universalist Church Building Use Agreements

We are glad to make our facility available to you, and hope it is suitable to your needs. Each group using the building must assume some responsibility for its upkeep. Part of the agreement for any group using our facility must include their willingness to help take care of the building.

  • Use only the room(s) to which you are assigned.
  • Do not use church materials such as books, office/art supplies etc.
  • Use of the piano is prohibited, unless arranged with the Music Director.
  • Please NO FOOD or BEVERAGE in the SANCTUARY.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on the premises.
  • There is to be NO SMOKING in any part of the building. If you choose to smoke outdoors please smoke away from the building and please use the receptacle provided.
  • All groups are responsible for cleaning their space thoroughly before leaving. Groups will be held responsible for reimbursing the church, when necessary, for any damages (carpet cleaning for bad spills, breakage etc.)
  • All or your garbage must be bagged and removed from the premises. Please do not throw liquids (from coffee/juice cups) into the garbage cans! Pour liquids in sink.
  • Please honor our green church status by RECYCLING all that you possibly can (paper, plastic, bottles, cardboard). Look for the receptacles in each room.
  • Re-stack chairs and put tables back where you found them. Vacuum if necessary (vacuum is in the downstairs custodian’s closet: beside the bathroom).
  • IN CASE OF FIRE: You will see a red alarm system installed on the wall in each room, this is only to alert the inhabitants of the church to a danger of smoke or fire. The alarm system DOES NOT connect with the police or fire dept. YOU WILL NEED TO DIAL 911.
  • The Group using the building will assume full responsibility for securing it after use - including turning off lights, locking all doors and closing windows.
  • The Group using the building assume the responsibility for any vandalism or theft resulting from unhindered entry from the time the building was vacated from their event, until it is opened again for church use.

*Please note that use of the church facility is subject to the needs of the church first. Workshops, events, conferences, and committee meetings that are sponsored by members of our church in direct support of our congregation and principles of the Universalist Unitarian Church supersede the needs of outside groups that have arranged for building use space at any given time. We will do our best to give you as much notice as possible when an impending conflict becomes apparent.

**The First Universalist Church reserves the right to refuse rental of the church facility to organizations and persons who are not in sympathy with Unitarian Universalist principles and values.