All Are Called

Grounded in a deep belief that we are all prophets, Unitarian Universalists ask, “How can we faithfully meet the demands of our time?” The call to witness and act for justice in our society and in the world is clear. So, too, is the call to examine our structures and practices, dismantling and transforming those which fail to recognize the full humanity of all people and to honor the interdependent web of life. Join us in Kansas City as we dive deeply into questions of mission for our Unitarian Universalist Association, for our congregations and communities, and for each of us as individuals. Together, we’ll ask:

Who and how are we called to be at this time, individually and collectively?

How are we called to act and to live?

How does our Unitarian Universalist  legacy strengthen us in living out our mission? In what ways does our legacy present challenges and impediments to answering our call?

The call of our faith has a place for each of us. Join us in Kansas City to build courageous, collective leadership with tools, skills and connections. 

This week 10am in the sanctuary


 Caring Networkers!

It has come time for Karen Vellekamp and Jennifer Temple to pass on the Caring Network Leadership to one or more members. 

 Both Karen and Jennifer are joining the Board this Spring, and would like to concentrate on that role at the church. 

 Jennifer has also taken on the role of Treasurer (go Jennifer!)  

This is a terrific way to get to know others in the church and to help out those in need at their most stressful times.  It would be great to have someone who is willing and able to learn the ins and outs of the Basecamp platform.  If you would like to talk to us about what this entails, please call Karen at 890-9026 and/or Jennifer at 542-0505.



Would anyone be interested in a sign-painting event (Fri nite June 29th?) 

What do folks think about a sign-painting event (Fri nite June 29th?) for folks planning to attend the "Families Belong Together" demonstrations in:

Portland (3PM at Portland City Hall), 

Bangor (10AM at Cascade Park), 

Brunswick (Town Mall at 11AM) or 

Augusta (11AM at Maine State House)

We've attended the Women's Marches with Gusto. No doubt we can make the same showing for this and once again "STAND ON THE SIDE OF LOVE" - not the criminalization of seeking asylum, the separation of children, the indefinite incarceration of families.

For more info on these protests go here:

To REQUEST a ROOM or SPACE at the church for any reason - meeting, event, fundraiser, etc. - Please fill out THIS FORM, found on our website: Or email the Church direct and Once Carolyn sees the form she will email you back with any questions/confirmation.If it is an event for the public or church members that you want to invite people too, please send along any blurbs for the OOS Announcements or Newsletter to after you have filled out the form.