October 19 News


This week in the Pulpit: Rev Kate Braestrup 

Sermon;  “A Lifetime Achievement…”  “I ‘ve now received my very first Lifetime Achievement Award. Does this mean I’m done?”


Coming Up:

Thursday, November 1, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Service of

Remembrance - Bring an item representative of each of the

deceased you wish to remember: a photo, favorite food, flower,

candle or special token. Open to the public. More detail in the

October UUR newsletter.


Thursday, November 8, 6:30 p.m. Film &

Discussion - Resilience - This one-hour documentary delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences

(ACEs) and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress. Patrick Walsh of Broadreach Family &

Community Services will lead the discussion


First UUR Involvement Fair

Sunday November 4th 11:30AM to 12:15PM

 Ever wonder what our Committees do and how you can join

them? Ever want to just say thanks to the people who are able

to get involved? Here’s your chance! After church please stay to

learn about and show your appreciation for all the work done

by our many UUR Committees and Activity Groups.

Information on each group will be displayed and someone

from each group will be there to answer your questions.

For more information talk to Caitlin Clark, Jen Atkinson or Kim



Feeding our Community


AIO THIS WEEK: We hauled 141lbs to AIO this week. The

parking lot was jammed, and our bags were welcomed

enthusiastically. Chunky soups are especially in demand now

that the days are chilly. Thanks to all of you who fill the tubs.


Landing Place Hot Meals

October 30th Meal: Needed : Halloween Stew: (whatever

that means to you),Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Bread

• Meals should be dropped off at 5:00 pm ready to serve

and warm in disposable serving dishes, (they have dishes

and silverware).at 61 Park Street, Rockland.(Next to OUT


• Sign up on Basecamp or email the office if you think you

can bring something so we know the bases are covered.



On Sunday, Sept. 30th, our church carried out its Fifth Sunday

hot meal mission, bringing all kinds of good food and cheer to St.

Peter's for the midday meal for all comers. We have a deservedly

excellent reputation for this. Our diners know that we bring lots

of homemade dishes and treats, exactly the things they love, and

that we try to make extra for take-home meals for them. We had

a beautiful fall day, and an impressive menu. Thank you SO MUCH

to Cathy Baker and her crew of 12 adults and 5 kids from our

church! What you do is SO appreciated.


There Are 3 BLUE BINS Inna ROW Out There...

Not everyone is aware that there are three blue bushel

buckets under and beside the Greeter's Table in the lobby.

Two hide under the table, one is closer to the wall next to the


Anything under the table is bound for Area Interfaith

Outreach, and will be gathered up by church volunteers, usually

on Wed. morning, and taken down Broadway to the food

pantry. Contributions of shelf-stable groceries (unopened and

within date) will go onto the shelves down there, and will likely be

gone by the time the pantry closes on Friday. People also look for

non-food items like cleaning supplies and personal care items

(soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) which cannot be

purchased with food stamps.


One Less Worry, for whom the third blue bin is intended, exists to supply some of those personal care items, originally just tampons and pads for women, but now bladder pads, and toilet paper for every household. OLW has also committed to making sure every AIO household gets a choice of either bar soap or toothpaste each month, along with 1 roll of TP per person in the home that month.

So, whenever you're shopping, pick up an extra item to stock the

shelves. AIO families get one trip a month, and the amount they

get to take home depends on how much inventory there is to go

around. Food prices have definitely risen in recent

months. Everything you can contribute is very welcome. Meals in

a can (hearty soups and their kin) are in high demand right

now. Questiosn? Ask Cathy Baker (596-6865, snowbake8@gmail.com). And consider volunteering -- you

will be doing important work


Nominations OPEN for $1,200 Gifts to three area organizations

As mentioned at our Congregational Meeting on Sunday, October 13 it is that time of year when the UUR donates 1/2 of our plate collection funds to area organizations. This year, we are distributing funds collected from July 2016 to June 2018, or two years of plate contributions, which total over $9,000.00.  We will make six $1,200 donations to three groups selected by the Board and to three voted on by the Congregation (as well as pay $1,200 to the City of Rockland in lieu of property taxes and complete our pledge to Black Lives UU.) 
If you would like to nominate an area charitable organization or association, whose work furthers the mission of our church, please download, print, and complete the attached form and return it to Carolyn Bobola  (by email: mail@uurockland.org, regular mail, or drop it off) between now and November 4th.  (Please do not reattach it to a response post to this message!) Please limit your nominations to three at the most (and only one per form).
Paper versions of these forms will also be available by the Art Wall outside the sanctuary. Please also return these completed forms to Carolyn by November 4th.  She will work with Peter Lehman to put up all of your nominations on the Art Wall area by the Sanctuary between November 1 and November 4. This way - everyone will have a chance to read the nominations and be informed when it comes time to vote. We will also create an area for them on basecamp - in the "Docs & Files" area of the "All Members" section. If more than one nomination is made for a single group, we'll just post them all together. 
Voting will take place starting November 11th and ending on 18th - but only on the nominations returned to Carolyn by November 4th. Paper "ballots" will be available at church by the Art Wall. You can also cast an electronic ballot which we will send to everyone by email. The link in the email will connect to an online polling platform. (If neither of these options work for you, please let me know.) All members of our community (except Board members), including all interested youth, are eligible to vote just once for three of the organizations listed. We will announce the three top vote getters on November 25th and distribute the funds by November 30th. If there is a tie for any one of the top three spots, the Board will determine the final outcome. 
I'm looking forward to reading your nominations and thank you for taking the time to tell us all about an area organization that you think would benefit from the UUR's support this year

Best - 
Jen Atkinson