October 19th News

Announcements for October 19, 2018

Today in Religious Exploration (RE) - All children

start in the sanctuary. After a Time for All Ages children go to

their RE programs. Chalice Children (under age 7) - Collins Rm.;

Elementary (7-10 or grades 2-5) - Griffith Rm.; Jr. High (11-13 or

grades 6-8) - Robbins Rm.

Adult RE opportunity - Next Saturday, October 20,

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.: Peter Richardson is leading the

workshop Four Spiritualties. Sign up today & take

advantage of this great program; you can sign up in the

lobby. Description is posted there as well.

There Are 3 BLUE BINS Inna ROW Out There...

Not everyone is aware that there are three blue bushel

buckets under and beside the Greeter's Table in the lobby. Two

hide under the table, one is closer to the wall next to the

lift. Anything under the table is bound for Area Interfaith

Outreach, and will be gathered up by church volunteers, usually

on Wed. morning, and taken down Broadway to the food

pantry. Contributions of shelf-stable groceries (unopened and

within date) will go onto the shelves down there, and will likely be

gone by the time the pantry closes on Friday. People also look for

non-food items like cleaning supplies and personal care items

(soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) which cannot be

purchased with food stamps. One Less Worry, for whom the third

blue bin is intended, exists to supply some of those personal care

items, originally just tampons and pads for women, but now

bladder pads, and toilet paper for every household. OLW has also

committed to making sure every AIO household gets a choice of

either bar soap or toothpaste each month, along with 1 roll of TP

per person in the home that month.

So, whenever you're shopping, pick up an extra item to stock the

shelves. AIO families get one trip a month, and the amount they

get to take home depends on how much inventory there is to go

around. Food prices have definitely risen in recent

months. Everything you can contribute is very welcome. Meals in

a can (hearty soups and their kin) are in high demand right

now Questiosn? Ask Cathy Baker (596

6865, snowbake8@gmail.com). And consider volunteering -- you

will be doing important work.

Feeding our Community


We delivered 106.5 lbs of wonderful supplies to AIO this

week. They expect us to arrive with our bags full, and

greet us with smiles and appreciation. Thank you to all

who fill the tubs. Your thoughtful contributions make a big


Art wall

There is art! Check it out, outside the sanctuary.

Share Your Passion with our beloved community.

What month would you like to share? Contact Peter

Lehman with your ideas, the month you want and for

more information: peter@growinme.com.