Our Minister, Rev. Mark Glovin will be on Sabbatical from January to May 2017.  

A sabbatical leave is traditional for Unitarian Uni-versalist clergy. It offers an extended time for rest, renewal, reflection, and study. Mark’s cove-nant with UUR provides for a six-month sabbati-cal every six years of service. It has been five years since his last sabbatical, and Mark has cho-sen a five-month sabbatical this year instead of taking a longer time away next year. The congre-gation will benefit from his sabbatical in at least two ways: Mark will return refreshed from this time away, and our members will have had an opportunity to engage even more deeply in shared ministry. 

UU ministers throughout Maine will help fill the pulpit during this sabbatical.   For more information, please read the brochure by clicking here.


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